Song Emerges After 25 Years!
Ian has recently completed a song with Jack Harris (pictured to the left), (Pyramania, Day After Day, Dr Tarr backing vocals...) which was recorded in Abbey Road in 1976 as a backing track but never had any overdubs added. The basic track features Ian on guitar, David Paton on bass, Stuart Tosh on drums and a piano solo by one Eric Woolfson! It only re-emerged recently when Jack sent the track to Ian’s studio. Ian first added the guitar solos and a saxophone section. Then, on Sunday the 24th of June 2001, Jack came to the studio and added the lead vocal, some vocal harmonies with his daughter, while his son added a tambourine. We think this may be a World record for the longest time taken by original artists between recording a rhythm guitar part, then the guitar solo. The same 25-year gap applies to the vocal double track! Click the button to the left to hear streaming clip and to access a downloadable full version MP3. Also, check out who won the contest and guess Jack's identity correctly!