Name That Vocalist Contest Winners!
Thanks for the participation in the contest! It paid to be patient. The winner(s) all submitted their guesses after the clip was posted last night. We have decided to have a few winners since not everyone was as descriptive in explaining their guess & we received 3 winning votes within a very short period of time. The first person to guess Jack, Sue Martinak, didn't include an explanation. She receives the eye flexi and an autographed Ian photo. Larry Yaus' guess noted Jack was on 3 albums and will receive the Old and Wise. Dave Cowder guessed correctly and included a detailed rationale and receives the rare Andrew Powell single. And we have a booby prize for Daniel Sadowski for falling into the trap of thinking it was Lenny based upon us naming the mysteryman jpeg picture as "lenny.jpg". Come on, we are not easy! The photo was named eric.jpg yesterday. Email us at and provide your addresses and we will send you your prizes below! In addition, all winners will receive a custom guitar pick.

Votes Received
Jack 25%
Eric, John, Colin 20%
Lenny, Chris, and Terry S. 15%