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East West

By Al. B. Blue
Music Editor

At fifteen years old, and in order to pay for his first Gibson guitar (an SG Standard 1961), Ian got a weekend job playing in the shop which sold him the guitar. On Saturday afternoons he would play in the shop and gather a large crowd of musicians. You could almost guarantee that the guitar he had been playing would be sold the same day!
A band named by Ian as Ears was formed as a kind of Scottish "supergroup". Unfortunately the record business at that time was firmly established in London only and Ears was short lived. Whilst at school Ian became a member of a local Edinburgh based blues band. It was a four piece, consisting of guitar, bass, drums and a singer who played blues harmonica. This band, East West, quickly became well known and very well respected throughout Scotland. Practically all the major visiting English bands were supported by East West. These included John Mayall's Blues Band, Tony Williams Lifetime (feat. Jack Bruce and John McLoughlin), Rory Gallagher, Argent and many more.