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6-year Old Masters Guitar!
By I. B. Coldman
Staff Writer
Well, when Ian wasn't attending Levenwick School, creating flashy tricks on his bike around the quarry, or sledding in the winter, he was, of course, playing guitar. He bought his first guitar for 3 pounds 15 shillings at age 6 with some birthday money and has been playing ever since. While Ian may be one of the few guitarists of his stature who can truly say he was his own major influence, Ian would be quick to point out the impact Shetland's own guitar legend, Peerie Willie Johnson, had on his passion to master the guitar. Ian would spend evenings over the hill in Bigton listening and learning from Willie's rhythm playing. When Ian was 9, his father Jacky died. His mother sold the village shop and moved the family to Edinburgh. While the move would bring many changes, Ian's positive attitude and dedication to the guitar would remain.