"Guitar players broadly fall into two main groups - those who consider themselves as "Strat" players and those who are "Les Paul" type players. I have always loved Les Pauls. Ever since I was about fourteen years old I wanted to play one. I prefer the sheer power and kick of a Gibson Les Paul. I bought mine as soon as I could afford one. It came from a shop called Take Five in Shaftesbury Avenue in London and cost me 315 pounds in 1974. It is a Custom model but over the years I have changed bits and pieces and now it looks more like a Standard. I suppose it is true to say that I built a career using only a Les Paul and a Marshall fifty watt amplifier. I never plugged anything between the guitar and the amp. If we wanted effects on the sound, we used the studio effects. They are far better quality and besides ... I couldn't afford that kind of equipment. This guitar has been with me through everything from the early recordings -Pilot, Parsons Project, Kate Bush etc right up to "Time Machine" and Pilot's "Blue Yonder" CD."
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