The Time Machine
The Time Machine has landed! The latest masterpiece by co-pilots Bairnson, Parsons, and Elliott will get your mojo working! If you want to find out more about the album, including credits, lyrics, and tour dates, visit The Avenue's homepage by clicking on the icon below! You have probably heard that Time Machine features some great vocal performances by Colin Blunstone, Neil Lockwood, Maire Brennan, Chris Rainbow, and many more. You probably also know that Ian Bairnson has written 7 of the tracks on the album. But you still want to know what it sounds like? Does Ian play sax? How about his guitar work? Hopefully by now you have bought the album and know these answers. If not check out Miramar's web site to hear some real audio clips. Ian appears on records and tours with Beverley Craven. Now she has returned the favour by singing one of his songs on the new album. This beautiful piece of vocal is from "The Very Last Time."IIf you want to know more about Beverley, click on the button below for the best Beverley Craven page on the net! PPLEASE DOWNLOAD THE MP3 TO YOU COMPUTER rather than playing it directly over an over. And please RESPECT its copyright and do not repost it on the web. You will need a MP3 player to hear the clips. If you need one, click on the icon below to get a pretty good free one called Music Match JukeBox.