Song Emerges After 25 Years!
Ok guys, we got just what you Project fans need! No, not front row tickets to live a Project concert. But it is a piece of history that you will enjoy. How about a track that was recently found underneath the bed of a Project vocalist? The song was started in Abbey Road studios 25 years ago but never finished until recently. The track features Ian on guitar, David Paton on bass, Stuart Tosh on drums, and even an Eric Woolfson piano solo! Ok, lets have a contest to build a little excitement. The first person to guess who the vocalist on this track is will win some kind of prize. Only one guess per person and the winning guess must explain what clued you in on who the vocalist is. Guessing the correct project vocalist randomly won't win you the prize. Over the next few days, a new clue or two to the vocalists identity will be posted to this page each day. The clues will get more specific. So, it may be best to wait till tomorrow or the next day for more clues. The winner of the contest will be announced and the MP3 posted to this page this weekend.