One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure!

In 2004 Ian teamed up with four Spanish musicians to form a band called JUNK. Before you get the wrong impression of how they sounded, that's J (from Jazz) and UNK (from Funk)! Unfortunately, Ian had to give up his position in the band because of other work commitments and the band no longer exists, but we thought you might still like to hear some of the music they made.

The Spanish members were: Sarah Rope:vocals, Pau Chafer: keyboards, Angel Celada: drums, and Jesus Gabaldon: bass.

JUNK had an identifiable sound; something that is quite rare. They took songs and arranged them into their own style. Some songs were original, but they also re-arranged known songs. They made great use of dynamics as you will hear.
These MP3 Clips are from an early live rehearsal.

JUNK played in Jazz festivals and theatres around Spain until 2006.
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