One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure!

Ian has teamed up with four Spanish musicians to form a new band called JUNK. Before you get the wrong impression of how they sound, that's J (from Jazz) and UNK (from Funk)!

The Spanish members are: Sarah on vocals, Pau on keyboards, Angel on drums and Jesus on bass. We try to avoid any smart puns about having Jesus and Angel on bass and drums, but as you will hear in these clips of rehearsals, they are very powerful together and definitely up there with the best of them. Pau, Angel and Jesus also play with one of the best known bands in Spain called Revolver.

JUNK has an identifiable sound; something that is quite rare. They take songs and arrange and play them in their own style. Some songs are original, but they also choose known songs. They make great use of dynamics as you will hear in further MP3 clips. MP3 Clips are from a live rehearsal.
JUNK will be playing some dates in Jazz festivals and theatres around Spain this year. These dates will be fit in between the current Revolver tour that ends after the summer. After that, you're sure to hear a lot more JUNK.