Question submitted by Thomas Huemer from Austria

QUESTION: "While I was at a political demonstration back around election time, I had the music of The Call Of The Wild "sounding" in my brain. It fit extremely well with the atmosphere at the demo. Later on when I read the lyrics of this song a bit more exactly I wondered whether it may really be a statement against racism and xenophobia which the whole demo was about (just thinking of the lines 'We talk the same language in different tongues; We're somebody's daughters and somebody's sons'; 'There is no need to fear what we don't understand, for we breathe the same air and we walk the same land'; 'We are all of one nation, all of one creed, we are all out of nature all of one seed'). So what would interest me, Mr Bairnson, did you really have in mind giving a 'political'message (namely against racism and xenophobia) with this song. And then...what are the 'wild'really?"
ANSWER: "I wouldn't say that the message I wanted to give extended as far as to be 'political'. I am not a political person by nature. I do however think that there is a great deal of arrogance present in the World today. There seems to be a selfishness in society, which I think is borne out of arrogance. The song is to remind us of our basic roots and that neither celebrity or economic or political power can raise us above others on this planet. We're all here, and we should look after ourselves and our environment."