Question submitted by Tudor Smith from the UK

Regarding your song Call Up, I am confused simply because of the references made to numerous folk who have impacted our lives. Are you refering to folk who have died and left behind a legacy? With that thought, you have named both Stevie and Jesus. Now, if Stevie is refering to Stevie Wonder, are you suggesting that his legacy is so profound that he can be named even though he is still alive?
"Firstly, I should explain what the song is about. When we played it live, even Alan would get the message wrong! It is not about going back in time and meeting these people (as Alan thought) and it's not about the legacy they left behind. It is about the effect they would have on the World right now, if they were here. They are all dead so "Stevie" is not Stevie Wonder. It is Stevie Ray Vaughan. That's why he is in the same line as Jimi (Hendrix). What kind of music might Jimi be making today if he had lived? How would Marilyn Monroe fair against say, Julia Roberts or Michelle Pfeiffer? When you look at it in this way, it makes you think - doesn't it?"