Walrus Wrecks Wild Weekend for Rock and Roll Wannabees!
Bonnots Mill Police are wondering Where's The Walrus? The Gang of Eight led by Otto the Otter sprung Waldo from jail today. He was being held for biting Sandee Schaeffer on the leg after she failed to catch him. A classic Man versus Beast riot ensued. Waldo says "If she hadn't had been drinking so much, none of this would have happened. How hard can it be to catch a Walrus?" Scott Holder, whose wave runner the gang stole for their escape, says "no worries, there's no place to get gas on the river."

Waldo The Walrus

Charges: INCITING A RIOT, EXPIRED RABBIES TAG, BAD BREATH, GRAND THEFT BOATO- Don't let his soft skin fool you, he is a viscious beast!

Arrest Date-10-Aug-03
Birth Date--Unknown
Scars----Head Bump