Alan Parsons Project Guitarist Charged With Treason!
Early Sunday Bonnots Mill police arrested Alan Parsons Project guitarist Ian "The Axe" Bairnson. An unidentified source tipped police off that Mr. Bairnson had committed the dreaded crime of strumming a Strat at the local church. No witnesses would come forward to confirm this act of treason. However, police found a video tape that should provide the local DA with the evidence needed to convict "The Axe". Dauphine Hotel owners Scott & Sandra Holder hope to raise the $1600 dollars needed for bail.

Bairnson, Ian
AKA "The Axe"

Charge: TREASON- Caught Red-Handed Playing a borrowed Strat Guitar

Arrest Date-10-Aug-03
Birth Date--19th Cent?
Race--------Motor Bikes