Local Missouri Woman Performs Indecent Animal Acts!
Bonnots Mill Police are delaying Alaska authorities' efforts to extradite The Tusk back to Alaska to face 28 counts of Poaching Pacific Walruses. They argue that kidnapping is the more appropriate charge since they were still alive when The Tusk threw them from the refrigerator train car. She claims the conductor said there was a stop at Bonnots Mill. The police first want her to face local Animal Cruelty charges for tossing multiple walruses into a drunken crowd only to have them flop hard on church pews and the floor.

Ronat, Gina
AKA "The Tusk"

Multiple Charges: POACHING, KIDNAPPING, & CRUELTY TO ANIMALS- Don't let the smug smirk fool you! This is one Evil Woman!

Arrest Date-10-Aug-03
Birth Date--Unknown
Tattoos----Tusk Slashes