In it comes to acoustic guitars … I'm an electric specialist. I have endured acoustic guitars over the years and played them on many records, although I never really thought of myself as an acoustic player. That is probably the reason why it took so long for me to find a couple of instruments I am truly happy with. For me, things started to get interesting when manufacturers started installing microphones as well as bridge pickups onto acoustic guitars. It makes such a difference to the recorded or live sound - losing that "rubber strings" effect I dislike so much. Once again, technology and quality combined and came to the rescue. I bought the Yamaha APX 9NA with internal mic. I enjoy playing nylon or classical style guitars mainly because they cross into that slightly Jazzy, Brazilian style of music. I adore the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim and would recommend that style as an entry point to learning Jazz. It is so melodic, yet the chords are sexy! It has a slimmer body and neck than classical guitar and the cutaway allows great access to the high notes. It sounds so good when it is amplified. Of course totally acoustic instruments can sound better but if you have an audience of more than ten people, you will need to amplify it. I have to admit that Yamaha manage to produce great quality instruments for quite modest prices. They may not have built a classic like a Les Paul or a Telecaster but they make consistently good mainstream instruments. Check out my Taylor acoustic by clicking the button below. It is another great find!