Another acoustic that I am very happy with and enjoy playing is my Taylor 514 CW steel strung guitar. It was a limited edition model from 1997. It has a warmer than usual tone that is suitable for picking and single note playing as well as strumming. It is an incredibly vibrant guitar. I can feel the whole body resonating as I play it. I used it on many Project tours as well as with Beverley Craven live. It records like a dream and sounds particularly good through the Focusrite 430 mic preamp.

String wise, I have moved over to DR fully coated strings. They retain the tone for much longer than regular strings yet they are not compromised by the coating in the way my previous brand of coated strings were. In fact, I had to call the guys at DR to check that these were coated! It is so subtle but it keeps the moisture out of the windings and the strings sound like new for ages. So, finally I became a more balanced guitar player with a couple of acoustics to my name. They're great - but my first love will always be the total versatility of the electric guitar. Still, I'm glad to have something to turn to in the event of a power cut!
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