This was one of Ian's earliest sessions and probably the one that had the most impact on his career or at least potentially could have altered its direction dramatically.

Yvonne's boyfriend and the producer of the single was Steve Harley (pictured right). At the time, Ian had moved from Edinburgh to London to make it in the Rock world. Initially he had shopped around demo tapes done by this band from Edinburgh without any success. Ian remembers one rejection clear as day. After hearing one particular song, the record executive responded "No, this isn't what we're looking for". That song had some "Magic" in it as it soon became a world-wide smash.
Once Pilot got a recording contract, Ian was faced with a tough decision - he had another offer on the table. Steve Harley was so impressed by Ian's guitar playing on "Tumbling Down" that he asked him to join Cockney Rebel. What would you do? Join an established band or take your chances with a new record contract. Fortunately, Ian decided to stay with his friends in Pilot. Chance had nothing to do with the world-wide success the band later achieved.

In 1977, Yvonne would have a the hit duet, If I Had Words, with Scott Fitzgerald. She also enjoyed success in the 1980s with her sister Patricia Paay in the Dutch, female Dance/Pop trio, the Star Sisters.

Guitar: Les Paul
Amplifier: Marshall 50 with 4x12 cabinet.

Tracks Ian Plays On
Tumbling Down
Loretta's Tale
Steve & Yvonne