Year Singles Label Country Catalog #
1981 Have You Ever Been In Love/One Touch RCA UK RCA 210
1982 No Getting Over You/Fighting For The County RCA UK RCA 222
1982 Censored/Censored (No Vocal) RCA UK RCA 288
1983 Another Sad Affair/America RCA UK RCA 351

Paris was a group of 4 musicians who came together to put out a number of singles in the early 1980s. At the time, they had been involved as musicians, writers or producers, in the making of records which in total had sold over 40 million copies. Andy Hill wrote most of the tunes, sang lead vocals, played keyboards and produced the singles. Nichola Martin did vocals and played some keyboards. In addition she co-wrote No getting Over You, Censored, America, and Fighting for the Country. In addition to playing guitars on all the tracks, Ian co-wrote Another Sad Affair. If you have been browsing the Discography, you may have realised that Ian knew Andy and Nichola from his work with Bucks Fizz. The bands drummer was Graham Broad. He played with such acts as the Temptations, The Drifters, Ben E. King, and Buggles to name a few and nowadays he works with Roger Waters.

Have you ever been in Love was a big radio hit for Paris and entered the UK charts. Unfortunately, Leo Sayer decided to record and release the same song! Despite the fact that Andy Hill wrote the song, gradually, Leo's version overtook the Paris record in the charts. Bah!! In contrast to the first song, the rest of the tracks feature a high content of sequenced keyboards - as was the musical fashion at the time... Never mind, the drums and guitars are real.