Dear Anyone is a musical story of the agony behind the agony column. Unlike Freudiana, this one was originally a musical on the West End. Don Black and Geoff Stephens were the writers. Don (who wrote the lyrics) is well known for his work on the music on such movies as Born Free for which he won and Oscar, True Grit, Diamonds Are Forever, Thunderball, Billy, Return of the Pink Panther and To Sir With Love. He has worked, also, with top composers, Henry Mancini, Elmer Bernstein, Quincy Jones, and many others. Andrew Powell did the arrangements, played keyboards, and co-produced the album with Geoff Stephens who wrote the music. Geoff discoverd Donovan and has written hits for many artists including The Hollies, Crystal Gayle, The New Vaudeville Band, Cliff Richard, Hot Chocholate, Herman Hermits, the Carpenters, The New Seekers, David Soul, and many more. Other musicians and vocalists on this one include David Paton, Steve Harley, Yvonne Keeley, Maggie Moon, Stuart Elliott, and Duncan Mackay.
Tracks Ian Plays On
I Don't Know the Answer
I'll Put You Together Again
You'd Be Amazed
Sleeping Like a Baby Now
Short Comings
What About Us
One Sided Love
Dear Anyone
All Rocked Out
Don't Stop If You've Heard It
Why the Panic?
Have You Heard About the Panic?
I Don't Know the Answer
Orange County
My Turn