When you think of Chris, you may think of "The Lady in Red". I personally would probably rather force myself to listen to the Spice Girls than listen to that song. But this album is a total different story. Of all the non-Project Lps Ian is on, this one probably has the closest feel to an Alan Parsons Project album. That is probably because Andrew Powell produced it and you have Project players Ian, Stuart and David on it also. The album is layered which some great orchestral arrangements by Andrew. This one is definitely a keeper and I recommend you go out and buy it. Once you listen to it, you won't be able to get Ian's guitar riff on "Carry On" out of your head.
Tracks Ian Plays On
Carry On
I Had the Love in My Eyes
Something Else Again
The Girl with April in Her Eyes
Just in Time
Carry On (Reprise)
The Devil's Eye
It's Such a Long Way Home
Old-Fashioned People
Quiet Moments
You and Me