A sister site if you will for co-Pilot and Project bandmate David Paton. Like Ian's site, at davidpaton.com, you will find lots of great information about David Paton. Of course, there are great pictures to see and MP3s to hear. You can also submit questions for David to answer through the Paton Post. Check it out now!
Here is the official website for Alan Parsons! Here you find info on and even purchase Alan's latest new electronic CD A Valid Path. You will also find AP Merchandise, Tour Info, photos, and lots of more great information about Alan Parsons, the engineer, producer, and recording artist. Check it out! You won't be disappointed!
Here is Project founder and writer/musician Eric Woolfson's website for his new Edgar Allan Poe CD available now. Be sure to check this site out to hear clips and find out more about this CD that has been 6 years in the making! You won't be disappointed!
Here is the gateway to all things Alan Parsons and The Alan Parsons Project related. Bookmark this site to keep up to date on all the developments and news related to Alan Parsons, the Alan Parsons Project, and the talented musicians behind in the Project.
Here is the website for the official Alan Parsons Fan Club Newsletter, The Avenue! Here you find up to date info on the comings and goings of Alan and the Alan Parsons Band. Of course, the site will also tell you how you can subscribe to this brilliant fan club newsletter.
Here is the official Pilot website. Here you will find all sorts of in-depth information about Ian and David's band Pilot. Tons of pictures, tons of info. The site will continue to expand. At the site, you can also purchase Pilot's latest CD Blue Yonder! Be sure to check it out!

Ok Pilot fans. Here is a great fan page from Japan by Mariko Oyama. This is a great source of info for Japanese fans on Pilot. Many sections are also in English! So even if you don't speak Japanese, please surf by! Mariko is a die-hard Pilot fan that loves sharing her appreciation of the band with others! Fly on over!
This is a really unique site by Japanese fan Masami Seko. Like Mariko, she is a dedicated Pilot fan. Did you ever want to know the words to those great Pilot tunes? Well, here you will find the lyrics to Pilot songs in both English and Japanese. Yes, its "Oh, Ho Ho its Magic!" not "Ho, Ho, Ho, its Magic!" David isn't Santa Claus!
Ian has done 2 albums and toured extensively with Beverley Craven. If you are not familiar with Beverley, you should check her out. She is an outstanding vocalist and has been hugely successful in Europe. This fan site is the most comprehensive site on the net for info about Beverley. Check it out! You will be glad you did!
Ian & David were there to launch Kate's career. Gaffaweb was assembled by a group of volunteers from the Love-Hounds mailing list and the newsgroup rec.music.gaffa, with the aim of creating the ultimate resource for Kate Bush fans. Currently there is no official Kate Bush Site. But this has it all!
A phenomenal fan site regarding Bucks Fizz. As you know Ian played on all their albums and wrote 2 of their top hits; Can't Stand The Heat and Run For Your Life. This site has tons of detailed info and pictures on the band. In addition, you will find links to the current Bucks Fizz bands headed up by Bobby Gee and Mike Nolan.